by the brass

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released November 1, 2013



all rights reserved


the brass Vancouver, British Columbia

devora clay trevor bean

january 4th @ 333
rapid loss/total war

january 16th @ astorinos
write off/cop rot/blank boys

january 17th @ funkys
coathangers/torched lung

february 7th @ the twin towers
... more

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Track Name: don't look at me
cant stand being on the street i feel every eye on me human faces make me sick isolations the only cure for this tensions building beneath my skin my fuse is getting short again i wont try to stifle it this time i give up lost the drive nothings right in my head thoughts are wrong im seeing red see the hate in my eyes ill get worse until i die
Track Name: can't
i cant keep up i cant cope im drowning i cant stay afloat avoidance i cant deal with stress i barely sleep i never rest the world isnt going to wait for me problems catching up i cant breathe im my own worst enemt
Track Name: damaged goods
wasting hours dwelling on your things i couldve done things that youd do ive never felt so fucked before but im over it i dont care anymore at least thats what i tell myself i wanna cut out my brain and put it on a shelf i want a lobotomy so ill forget what you did to me youre in my head driving me insane i am going to fry my brain it doesnt matter what it takes if it makes me forget you and stop the ache drinking booze huffling glue it doesnt matter what i choose give me a needle give me a pill ive got so many veins and a mouth to fill i have got to forget your voice ill have to fill a void make me a vegetable forget what it hurts to know drunk again wondering why despite a wet brain you are still on my mind my speech is slurred but i still say your name my vision is blurred all i see is your face i can vomit till my throat is raw teeth rot out stomach lining is gone evacuate till sickness subsides but what i need to be gone will still be stuck inside
Track Name: 40 laces
i wanna be your dog i wanna feel a whip i wanna taste the sole of your boot baby i wanna be your bitch what else am i worth nothing i dont deserve use me im your tool use me till your bored make a mess use my face to clean up the floor i dont fucking care gag me pull my hair what else am i worth nothing i dont deserve
Track Name: psychopath
why cant i clear the haze my mind is clouded everyday i cant put the parts together i never get the math walking down the street i feel like a psychopath everyone around me seems like a fraud and false but every time i see a face i hate myself is anybody really there uncertainties becoming more than i can bare dragging my head against a brick wall swinging my fists until my knuckles are raw pushing myself ceaselessly searching for any kind of relief so smash a bottle in my face watch the glass fly all over the place punch my nose until it breaks till blood drips out my head in braids i want trauma to take my away adrenaline to substitute i never want to think if it takes me back to you